Management Accounts

Management Accounts

Accountants keeping things simple in a complex world.

Management Accounts include

  • Analysis of Debtors and Creditors
  • Analysis of expenses headings
  • Preparation of cash flows
  • Presentation of accounts to Directors/Business owners
  • Management accounting solutions
  • Presentation of accounts to Auditors if applicable
  • Preparation of adhoc reports

We are available for dealing with inspectors from various government departments.

Accounts Analysis

Clients can avail of our accounts analysis along with expense reports. These look at your gross margins and analyse the relationship between sales and gross profit. With our management accounting solutions we can then prepare cashflows and budgets to help you maintain this margin.

Overheads Analysis

Analysis of overheads and administrative expenses. We look at allowable expense management, business expenses, tax deductible expenses, mileage expenses and how to succesfully manage and reduce expenses. We can also compare the market for the following business expenses to see if we can acquire them for you cheaper elsewhere.

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  • Payroll analysis
  • Motor expenses analysis
  • Insurance costs and analysis
  • Telephone and broadband costs analysis
  • Mobile phone costs analysis
  • Audit fee analysis


A company with 7 vehicles may find it much more cost efficient to use a ‘Fleet’ company instead of personally owning, or the company owning the vehicles.

Payroll Analysis

A full in-depth analysis of the actual cost per employee. Sometimes a reduction of a couple of € Euro can result in a net increase to the employee and a saving to you the employer. We can also tell if a sales rep is costing you money rather than making it for you!

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Working with BARNHILL is very easy and great value for money. Over the last 3 years they have prepared our monthly management accounts leading to a complete accounts file that we present to our auditors annually, very shortly after our year end. We are always looking at ways to streamline our business and improve efficiency. Recently BARNHILL took charge of our fortnightly and monthly payroll. This helps reduce our in house workload and is excellent for information confidentiality especially within a small office environment. On a general point BARNHILL has been instrumental in real cost savings through recommendations regarding IT, telecoms, transport and office / buildings services. Thank you for your consultation and recommendations, it has been great working with BARNHILL.”

Patrick Sands – Food Solutions Ltd.